General Information
The procedures guiding the selection of articles for publication in the journal IS require that no manuscript be accepted until it has been reviewed by the Editor and two reviewers. The decision of the Editor to publish the manuscript is influenced considerably by the judgments of reviewers as experts in their respective fields. The author's name and credentials are removed prior to the forwarding of a manuscript to a reviewer so as to maximize objectivity and ensure that a manuscript is judged solely on the basis of its content and contribution to the field.

All published material is copyrighted by the Police Academy in Szczytno with future-use rights reserved. This does not limit the author's right to use his or her own material or place it in future works, provided full credit is given to the Police Academy in Szczytno.

Review Policies

  • Reviewers are appointed by the Editor from among experts in their respective fields.
  • All reviews will use a double-blind review process. Only the Editor and the Secretary know the identity of the author and the reviewers.
  • The Editor has the final authority for the acceptance or rejection of any article.
  • In case of articles being submitted for publication in IS by the Editor during the term of their office, the reviewers are appointed by the chairperson of the Editorial Board.

Editor’s Role
The Editor is responsible for the content in IS and has final authority over the acceptance of all manuscripts. However, the Editor must follow the guidelines for appropriateness and be responsive to the recommendations of reviewers. In cases where the Editor has a conflict of interest with a given submission, a Guest Editor will be assigned by the chairperson of the Editorial Board to handle that manuscript.

Review Process

  • The Secretary checks the submission for adherence to IS Manuscript Submission Guidelines and forwards it to the Editor.
  • All manuscripts are judged on their contributions to the advancement of the science and/or practice and their adherence to the rules of scholarly work.
  • Submitted manuscripts are checked by the originality detection service
  • The Editor identifies desk rejects and sends this decision to the authors. Desk rejects are papers whose focus or content is not relevant to the basic goals of IS. For other manuscripts, the Editor selects 2 reviewers.
  • The reviewers are contacted and asked to evaluate the submission within four weeks. Additional reviewer is solicited should the 2 reviewers differ considerably in their opinions.
  • The completed reviews and manuscript are forwarded to the Editor, who summarizes the reviews, evaluates the paper, and provides guidance to the authors.